NELSON AIRPORT, British Columbia, CZNL (1755 asl)

Remember to call "Pacific Radio" now, not Castlegar. Gas is self-serve, can use Visa.

The following two pictures show recommended approach procedures for both runways 22 and 04
When there is a right crosswind on 22 over 5 kts, beware possible downdrafts turing to the R downwind for 22, as well as a possibility on finals.


Nelson's Community Website

Routes downtown and general airport map.

Nelson Hotels & B&Bs. & Links

  • W indicates reasonable walking distance. Prices Aug 2007
  • The Prestige Inn-($165) -1-877-737-8443 W--off the end of the runway.
  • The Heritage Inn-($99 includes excellent full breakfast) - 1-877-568-0888 W
  • Baker St Inn ($129) 1-888-255-3525 W
  • New Grand Hotel ($94) 1-888--722-2258 W
  • North Shore Inn--across the orange bridge--($94 includes cont breakfast+Taxes 2 persons) 1-800-593-6636 or 250-352-6606