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  • We have almost 50 pages of information, this is updated and enlarged regularly.
  • The full route for suggested Alaska trips.
  • GAS prices and where to save.

  • We help with choosing BC, Yukon & Alaska map packages
  • How to get into Canada (i.e. airport customs ports of entry and requirements.)
  • Info on crossing into Alaska.
  • EAA information on homebuilts across borders. Homebuilts can join the trips now.
  • Inland Passage Route to Alaska
  • Members can have access to other members data for setting up tours of their own with compatible fellow flyers, if unable to make tours with dates.
  • Updated round up of gas prices is on web pages, wherever we can get the info. Please send us any prices known in Washington, BC, Yukon, Alaska. Accompanied with a digital (jpg)photo on finals would be even nicer. Thanks for recent photos.
  • Full details on suggested maps for northern flying--
  • Suggested Routes for crossing the Rockies, with info on fuelling and food.
  • Preferred routes through British Columbia and Alaska. We can get you through the Rockies and to Alaska, all under 6500' asl, and over a road almost all the way.
  • Recommended airports and gas saving pit stops. Growing database of airports in BC, the Yukon, Alberta, NWT and Alaska. Personal comments and "utility" ratings included where relevant. We keep a list selected airport favourites.(Vernon, currently,due to lowest gas price gas price we know of(mobile truck), Hope & Dawson Creek for friendliness and camping) Photos of all airports visited are completing the Database.
  • Mountain Flying Tips.
  • Want to advertise with us?---for a $100 U.S. annual corporate membership with upfront advertising exposure (your banner linked) contact Can use Paypal for this.
  • Recommended Survival gear, including gun information (Bringing a gun in through Canada safely and legally).
  • Multiple Links to answer all your northern requirements
  • Personalised advice for members.
  • See under journals, the great photo account of the 2003 trip by Joan and Ulli Hauser.
  • Membership is suggested $25 US per year, renewing members get a discount. Click here for signup and prices page.
  • Corporate Memberships are available starting at $100 U.S. per year. Contact for details of packages

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