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Check your IPhone and even Blackberry for some amazing apps with GPS built in--but beware of coverage as some are dependent on cell phone coverage not GPS coverage primarily.
Denali Wilderness Lodge Run by Sean Crotty, offers a fly-in lodge in Alaska, a place to aim for. 2800' gravel strip, prob Ok for 172-182, 206 etc not Mooneys.
LightSpeed ANR Headsets Lightspeed Aviation, provide wonderful noise cancelling on all ANR headsets. Lightspeed very kindly sponsored our tours with a special deal on two headsets. Highly recommended for comfort and quietness.
The Thermos Company After I had owned a Thermos for 30 years but accidentally dropped it out of an ultralight (wrapped in sleeping bag), it fell 700'-1000' but I retrieved it and it still works, dented and broken cup! I wrote to the company and they instantly mailed me a brand new one for free---now there is warranty. So they are a sponsor of our northern trips now.
"Wings over the Alaska Highway"--Sono Nis Press-check for details. This is a beautiful book by Bruce McAllister and Peter Corley-Smith, great photos. If you only read one book about the highway, this is the one to whet your appetite!.

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