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Notes from a Sidecar

Philosophy Book
Combined philosophy of vagueness with a motorcycle/sidecar trip around the Selkirk Loop.
$24.95 Can plus shipping $8
N America, $14 UK

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Bug Shirts logo

With West Nile Virus predicted for B.C. these bug shirts become far more important if flying around the interior of B.C., the Yukon and perhaps even in Alaska (no +ve occurrences recorded yet, but predicted for B.C. this summer)

OK you may never have to wear it on this trip, but consider it an absolute in the survival gear. We have had more first-hand stories of crash survivors, just murdered by bugs, way in the bush.

Tightly woven cotton

Includes no-see-um mesh for face and underarm.

Folds into small pouch for survival gear.

Bugshirts, $70 plus $15 shipping
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