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for all your needs to plan that trip to Alaska, or northern BC or the Yukon, primarily designed for pilots who wish to fly their own trips.

Join and save hundreds of dollars, with the information and deals available to members.
We are not doing organized tours anymore, the website and membership is just for your benefit now. We are retaining as an information service now that we have moved away from guided tours after 6 years of experience. Feb 2011, There will be no more fees, any members getting something useful out of the site can Paypal us up to $20 to help web fees. Request password please for hidden pages of data. We are basically just supporting the ongoing costs of the website for the benefit of pilots from now on. We will upgrade as we get new info.

WHAT IS FLYNORTH.COM? started 1999. We encourage you to join and partake of the 50-60 pages of useful info. in the members pages. Our philosophy is to encourage low-cost flying and make a membership of lasting friendships. We cater to all levels of pilots from beginners to Military/Airline pilots! We appreciate the many friends and renewed contacts we have made over the years and wish to keep it that way and share our love of the north with "new" northerners. You can join and benefit. We will not be doing any further organized tours, as the work load and other demands are pulling us away from the tours. We will keep going as a database for members. Remember members help members and let's keep the database going as up to date as possible. All comments from travellers welcome.

  • To all pilots flying around BC and the Yukon this summer BUGS ARE BAD. If you have any concerns at all about the West Nile Virus, then check our very stylish and excellent coverage bug shirts. These are just excellent protection as well as essential for the survival gear. Not many left. Check our store page.
  • New map and info on the "Trench" in members pages.


This will enable you to use the growing database of information on airports, routes, hotels, safety tips, sources of further information in British Columbia, the Yukon, the NWT, Alaska and the Arctic. The website can help you with everything you may need to plan your aerial tour to B.C. and Alaska. You can save money by using our information.

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